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What to Expect:
Getting Started on Your Financial Journey

With Braun-Bostich & Associates...

Introductory Consultation

Taking the time to meet with one of our advisors is an important initial step in our process. It is also an opportunity to begin to share your goals and dreams. In this casual session, we will engage in a cursory review of your current financial life, explore potential opportunities, define gaps and discuss general strategies—resulting in a mutual sense of what it may be like to work together. You will also gain greater insight into your personal financial life situation.

Prior to the Session

  • Take the time to jot down questions regarding your current situation and areas of potential concern 
  • Bring account-specific statements, tax returns, and any budget detail you may have
  • Gather your ideas regarding future short-term and long-term aspirations and financial life goals

During the Session

  • Professional guidance in bringing to light your life goals and priorities 
  • Sound and objective financial advice, personalized to your investment objectives
  • Precise detail about our solutions, benefits, and costs

After the Session

If it is mutually determined that we have a strong basis for working together, we will guide you through our Wealth Management Consultative Process.

Delivering Solutions that Make the Most of Your Wealth

In partnering together, it is our goal to identify the opportunities your resources present—and orient them towards your life’s ambitions. We strive to foster close, long-lasting relationships in order to provide you with ongoing guidance based on an intimate understanding of you and your life.

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