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Creating Greater Opportunities for Our Clients and Their Families

Financial Planning for Pittsburgh, PA and Beyond

Discover How

Wealth Management and Financial Planning in Pittsburgh, PA

Tell us your dreams... We’ll help you make them real! 

Our comprehensive financial planning approach begins with your vision—for yourself and your family, your future, and your legacy. We conduct a careful assessment of your current situation and your future dreams, your risk tolerance in an uncertain market, and the roadblocks that may prevent your ultimate success. Then we develop strategies to overcome obstacles and create a plan that aligns with your vision for the future.

If you have significant wealth to manage, the stakes are high. Braun-Bostich & Associates can help you develop a plan and pursue opportunities to make your vision real. This is wealth transformed – money is a part of the equation but so are dreams, values, and deeper life/legacy goals. When combined, these elements together can create a sense of personal transformation. When your goals are meaningful and your wealth has purpose, you can truly live with intention...  

We help you fulfill the potential of your wealth …through our commitment to excellence.

Our goal is to help you build confidence in the future, be your advocate, and help you express your wealth in a way that enhances your life and the lives around you. Our trusted group of advisors are constantly striving to bring more knowledge and custom-made strategies to the table with one goal in mind: your success.

Broadening your life's possibilities - Our Clients Include:

Affluent Individuals & Families

Determine optimal solutions to coordinate your entire financial-life

Business Owners

 Bridge your personal finances with your business objectives

Empowering Women Investors 

Addressing your unique financial challenges and complexities



 Maximize your benefits and create a plan to achieve your life’s vision

Medical Professionals

Build your wealth and align your financial life with your family’s goals

Young, Savvy Savers

Plan and lay the foundation for a strong financial future

Sound Like You?     See How We Can Help

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