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What does it mean to be a Fiduciary?
What is Fee-Only and why does it matter?
What kind of relationships do you focus on and why?
What would you consider to be your strengths in a financial planning relationship?
As compliment to client relations, do you introduce other professional advisors, i.e., CPA, Estate Attorney, etc. as a courtesy? Are you compensated at all from these introductions?
What advice matters are most frequently covered in your coaching and financial planning process?
What’s the difference between investment management and financial planning?
Do you have an investment approach that seems to work best with this market focus?
Where do my assets reside if you manage my money?
Who will I/we be working with at?
Do you offer hourly work?
How often and by what means do you typically communicate with clients? Does it change over time as the relationship strengthens?
What can I expect if we work together?
Can you elaborate on your new client onboarding process and why that experience is unique?
Can I work with you if I live in another state?
How did you come up with the name?
How do I get started?

Not quite ready to jump in but
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