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How underpaid are teachers in your state?  Thumbnail

How underpaid are teachers in your state?

Friday, May  6, 2022, wrapped up National Teacher Appreciation Week—when we honor the immeasurable contributions of the dedicated professionals who educate our children.  

Unfortunately, the value that teachers provide to children, communities, and the country is not reflected in their pay. The chart below shows just how far teacher pay lags behind that of similarly educated workers in each state.

In every state, the average K–12 public school teacher is paid considerably less than similar college graduates in other fields.  As teacher compensation falls further behind that of other professionals, it becomes harder to attract people to education as a career and more difficult to retain teachers in the profession. 

Choosing a career in education should not come with a hefty pay penalty. Our children deserve to have the brightest, most highly skilled professionals in their classrooms, and these dedicated professionals deserve pay commensurate with their awesome responsibility.  

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