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Coping Financially After the Loss of a Spouse Thumbnail

Coping Financially After the Loss of a Spouse

Pittsburgh, PA - Losing someone you love is a very difficult thing to go through. The emotional aspect of the loss is tremendous. However, the financial impact is also one that you need to consider. If you have lost a spouse, then you have essentially gone from having two incomes to one. Because of this, it can be a substantial financial blow. Use these tips to help you navigate your financial life after losing a loved one. 


You probably know whether your loved one created a will or not. If you don't know, contact the lawyer that they may have used. If you are still stumped, then it would be a good idea to get a lawyer of your own to help you. If you need help acquiring one, Braun-Bostich & Associates can assist.  Having access to their will can help you know all of their assets, such as a retirement account.

Life Insurance

There are two possible places to look for life insurance. They may have had life insurance through their employer, or they may have had it from the open market. You will need to contact any life insurance companies that they had a policy with to provide them with a death certificate. From there, these companies can help you get the money from their life insurance policy.

Retirement Accounts

Another thing to consider is if they had any retirement accounts. You will want to check with their employer first to see if they had one through them. This is not the only place to hold a retirement account, though. You may also want to check with their financial advisor to see if they had any other accounts. If they did, and you were named as a beneficiary, then you will be able to get that money to help you with your living expenses.

Financial Planner

No matter what mix of accounts your loved one had to help you financially after his or her passing, contact a financial planner to help you navigate the days, months, and years ahead. A Braun-Bostich & Associates financial planner can provide advice for managing the money in a way that will benefit you for the present, as well as in the future.

This is a very tough situation for anyone to deal with, but having the right people on your side will help you plan for your financial future.


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